Why You Should Negotiate Your Salary If You Are A Woman

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Why You Should Negotiate Your Salary If You Are A Woman

#1 Because Women are Paid Less than Men for the Same Job.

A study in 2010 found that of MBA (business school) graduates “women were paid on average $4,600 less than men in their first job” after graduation. “In 2010, full-time women workers’ earnings were only 77 percent of their male counterparts’ earnings. The pay gap was even greater for African-American and Latina women, with African-American women earning 64 cents and Latina women earning 56 cents for every dollar earned by a Caucasian man”[1]. There are many reasons why a pay gap exists between men and women, but one of the explanations could be reason #2…

#2 Women Negotiate Less Often

Research also shows that men are four times as likely as women to initiate salary negotiations. 20% of adult women say they never negotiate at all, even though they often recognize negotiation as appropriate and even necessary. This is true for both younger and older women. By failing to negotiate salary, women leave thousands of dollars on the table each year, and hundreds of thousands over the course of their career[2].

#3 Women are Inherently Better Negotiators than Men

According to Stuart Diamond[3] (author of Getting More, and Wharton Business School Professor) the key to negotiations is understanding what the other side needs, and helping them achieve it. Women inherently have the tools to be better negotiators than men because they listen more and are more clued in to people’s wants and desires.



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