Coming this Winter: Salary Negotiators on Prosperity’s Kitchen Reality Show

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Coming this Winter: Salary Negotiators on Prosperity’s Kitchen Reality Show

If you follow my facebook or twitter feed, you might have seen that I applied to be a contestant in a reality web series for small business owners.

Well guess what? I was selected as one of the 15 contestants!

Starting on January 21st, there will be a weekly, live-streamed 2 hour show where a guest mentor will teach some concept of marketing (market research, SEO, email/video marketing, blogging, partnerships, etc.) to the contestants and give an assignment/challenge. The five teams will work together to complete the mission, and prizes are earned individually or as a team.

For someone who does not naturally excel at marketing, this will be an awesome learning opportunity. Learning happens so much faster when it is part of a competition and you are forced to implement what you are taught. I am looking forward to it!

Feel free to follow along with the first season at Prosperity’s Kitchen’s website or via my facebook/twitter feed.

Oh, and if you are a small business owner and would like to learn/compete in the challenges, there is a play-at-home version as well, complete with prizes.

I hope you will follow or play along!

Below is my official press release:


Alexandria entrepreneur to compete for $10K package in online reality show, “Prosperity’s Kitchen”

For Alexandria entrepreneur Joseph Richards, his creativity and drive to succeed were two of several ingredients that helped him earn a spot on the Premiere Season of the groundbreaking online competition reality show “Prosperity’s Kitchen.”

Joseph is the brains behind Salary Negotiators, a company he started in the summer of 2012 to help people level the playing field with their employers while they seek a higher standard of living for themselves and their families. Joseph is a Labor Economist and Salary Negotiation Consultant and has worked on both sides of the table (representing both unions and management), but finds the greatest satisfaction working with clients one-on-one.

Joseph is a numbers nerd. His wife jokes their whole life is a spreadsheet. Joseph’s expertise in economic analysis has proven to be a natural fit at the bargaining table. His theory is that the most successful negotiators are the most prepared (i.e. the side with the best and most compelling data wins). His strategy is to channel his inner nerd (so you don’t have to) and give his clients the tools they need to succeed at the bargaining table.

Joseph has been working on starting a business since 2010. After spending thousands of hours and thousands of dollars on various business ideas that never got off the ground, he finally discovered something that is a perfect marriage of his interests and skill set and market need.


Joseph applied to compete on Prosperity’s Kitchen so he could learn how to market his fledgling business online.

“Being a skilled marketer is probably the greatest determining factor of business success. Regardless of the quality of your product, if you can’t persuade others to buy it you aren’t going to get very far,” said Joseph.

“As an economist, my forte is analytics, and I struggle with marketing and sales. When I get clients, I do a fantastic job, and really deliver a quality product. The hard part is getting the clients!”

Joseph made it through three rounds of eliminations before being selected as one of 15 contestants for the show. His audition video is available on YouTube here:

While competing for a $10K prize package as they learn to market themselves online, the contestants will be mentored by 12 guest experts including Gina Bell, Tara Gentile, Diane Conklin, Deborah Gallant, Danny Iny, Erika Napoletano, Mike Michalowicz, Pamela Slim, Ann Smarty, Lori Taylor, Johnny Truant and Steven Washer.

The premiere season of “Prosperity’s Kitchen” has been dubbed the solopreneurs’ edition and is being presented by BIGSTOCK.

Tea Silvestre, the executive producer and host of the show, said the contestants will be in “class” and tackling missions for 12 weeks beginning January 21, 2013.

Each week contestants are given real marketing tasks and within 48 hours to a week the task is completed and a review of the task with prominent business executives is done in the “kitchen.”

Contestants will work together in teams of three and accumulate points for best job on a particular mission – both as a team and as an individual. Judging criteria are based on task profitability, leadership skills, communication, innovation and exploration of new opportunities.



Prosperity’s Kitchen is a 12-week reality web edutainment series that aims to teach solopreneurs and micro business owners how to market themselves effectively online. Structured like a reality TV competition, 15 contestants will tackle weekly marketing missions in order to showcase what they’ve learned. The contestants are divided into teams of three and will be advised and mentored by Tea Silvestre, aka The Word Chef, as well as 12 other high profile marketing experts. The contestant who outperforms their cohorts will take home the $10,000 prize package (a mix of cash and prizes). Learn more at


WCE is wholly owned and operated by Tea Silvestre of San Jose, CA. Tea is widely regarded as one of the top marketers in the world of small business. She’s the author of “Attract and Feed a Hungry Crowd: How Thinking Like a Chef Can Help You Build a Solid Business,” as well as the founding producer of the ground-breaking web series, “Prosperity’s Kitchen.”

Tea’s writing is often seen on some of the biggest blogs on the Internet, including Copyblogger, Problogger and MarketingProfs. She’s also a frequent speaker at entrepreneurial events across the globe. Learn more at


About the Author:

Joseph Richards is the founder of Salary Negotiators. He is a Labor Economist and Salary Negotiation consultant. Google+ Facebook Twitter


  1. Julia Hayes  January 8, 2013

    Well done Joseph. Congratulations on your selection. I watched your video back in December being one of the Ambuzzadors group.
    Your business has a unique niche. When I listened to your presentation I thought “employers will have to watch out!”.
    Prosperity’s Kitchen is going to cook up some wonderful dishes with the mix of contestants and mentors and I look forward to observing from the distance.


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