Salary Negotiation Academy

Become an Effective Negotiator without the Consequences of Failure

Effective negotiators make more money throughout their career, pay less for their homes and cars, and generally get more of the things they want.

However, the reality is, few of us are skilled negotiators.

The best way to become an effective negotiator (and develop any skill) is by actually doing it.

The only problem with learning how to negotiate your salary from your own experience, is that the stakes are so high. In salary negotiations, making a mistake will have a lasting effect on your lifetime earnings. Future raises are almost always based on your current salary, and if you fail to negotiate well, you will be playing catch-up for the rest of your career. Carnegie Mellon Economist, Linda Babcock, estimates that failing to negotiate your salary at the beginning of your career will cost you $1.0 – $1.5 million in earnings over the course of your career.

josephhead 100x100I didn't negotiate my salary in my first two jobs out of college. I just took whatever was offered. I estimate that cost me $35,000 in lost earnings over the first five years of my career.
J. Richards, Labor Economist, Washington, DC

The Salary Negotiation Academy is a safe place to learn, practice, and master salary negotiation techniques without the consequences of failure. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and lost earnings, and hello to the salary and benefits you deserve.

Stop the vicious cycle of feeling undervalued, unappreciated, and unhappy that comes with being underpaid. You can take control of your career, be valued by your employer, and be paid what you are worth, by becoming a skilled negotiator.

The Salary Negotiation Academy provides:

  • A safe, structured environment to learn, practice, and master negotiation techniques before your actual salary negotiation, allowing you to make mistakes and hone your skills in a risk-free environment.
  • Training videos, negotiation scripts, and role-playing scenarios to guide you through the levels of negotiation mastery.
  • Access to negotiating partners from around the world 24/7, providing a forum for unlimited practice and feedback.

So how does it work?

When you join the Academy, you are given access to a series of training videos, instructing you on the most effective salary negotiation methods.

Then the real learning begins as you apply the principles you learned in “sparring” or role-playing sessions. You can choose your sparring partner based on their industry, location, age, gender, and managerial experience – in order to mimic your situation as closely as possible.

You will have access to negotiation scripts and role-playing scenarios to guide your sparring sessions. At the end of each session, you provide each other with feedback and receive a score based on the feedback you received and the salary and benefits you negotiated during the session.

As you rack up points, you’ll progress through the community, from Novice “Door Mat” Negotiator, to Master “Barbara Corcoran” Negotiator:

  • 0 points – Novice Negotiator (Door Mat)
  • 2,500 points – Amateur Negotiator (College Grad)
  • 5,000 points – Competent Negotiator (Car Salesman)
  • 7,500 points – Expert Negotiator (Shark)
  • 10,000 points – Master Negotiator (Barbara Corcoran)

When you reach Master Negotiator status, you will receive a Master Negotiator certificate and $10 towards any product in the Salary Negotiation Academy Store.

stephrancher 100x100I am tired of being a doormat (to use your description). I recently received a promotion and was not offered the salary I know the job is worth. I am severely underpaid and quite upset about it.
A. Hansen, Art Director, Indianapolis, IN

Why should I join the Academy?

Salary Negotiation is an art. It requires creativity, the ability to listen and understand, persuasion, likability, and communication. These skills cannot be developed by reading books or taking courses on negotiation. They can only be developed through practice and experience.

Joining the Salary Negotiation Academy will enable you to become an effective negotiator, get the salary and benefits you deserve, and feel the satisfaction that comes from being valued and fairly compensated by your employer.

When you join the Academy you will get:

  • Training videos, negotiation scripts, and role-playing scenarios.
  • Unlimited practice and feedback on your negotiation skills.
  • Clearly defined course to become a master negotiator.
  • The confidence and skills you need to get the salary and benefits you deserve!

Price: $25

roberto lopez 100x100I know what my strengths are, and sales and negotiating are not it. Why would I let my mediocre negotiating skills limit such an important part of my happiness as my salary? If I am going to give the best of myself, then I expect to be compensated for it.
R. Lopez, IT Consultant, Toronto, Canada

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