When It’s Good to Be a Salary Negotiator

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When It’s Good to Be a Salary Negotiator

I helped John (not his real name) negotiate his salary over the weekend. We ended up getting a successful result – $7,000 above his initial offer. I ask all my clients for feedback when we are done so I know what areas I can improve in, and John’s feedback was really positive. Being able to really help someone, to make a positive impact in their lives, is SUPER rewarding. When I get feedback like this, I am so glad I became a salary negotiator.

From John:

Thank you again for the work you put into making this negotiation go the way I wanted it to. It was truly one of the best investments I have made.

Likes/Thoughts: The process was smooth, convenient, and unburdensome. You provided a rapid turnaround which helped me get my counter offer submitted in a timely manner. Your level of communication was (a) timely; (b) informative about how your process works and how the negotiation process works; and (c) educational on how to achieve a successful negotiation. The research and documentation you provided was clear, concise, informative, and thoroughly articulated.

Dislikes/Improvements: I honestly can’t think of any dislikes or corrective inputs. It’s hard to think of something negative when my pay raise to investment ratio is 20:1 because of your services.” 


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