About Salary Negotiators

Salary Negotiators’ mission is to help people improve their standards of living, by teaching them how to be better negotiators.

My name is Joseph Richards and I founded Salary Negotiators in the Spring of 2012. Having been involved in labor negotiations since 2009 (supporting them with economic analysis), I realized that the vast majority of US workers (88%) do not have any formal representation with their employer. It is left up entirely to the individual employee to negotiate their own salary, health and retirement benefits, time off, and flexible work arrangements.

And since the average employee has significantly less resources and information than their employer, they are at a clear disadvantage at the bargaining table.

Salary Negotiators mission is to level the playing field.

My experience includes representing both unions and management at the bargaining table since 2009. My one-on-one clients have negotiated on average, $8,250 above their initial salary offer. I’d love to help you as well.

Joseph Richards Salary Negotiators

Salary Negotiators’ Manifesto

I believe you should be fairly compensated for your work.
I believe you should not be paid less because you are a woman or minority.
I believe in a level playing field.
I believe with the right information and practice anyone can be a successful negotiator.
I believe in defining your own worth.

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