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Joseph armed me with salary information that was industry and region specific, and showed my worth to my new employer so I could negotiate with confidence. It took the pressure off of me having to convince them how great I was and allowed me to present a more objective argument for my worth. This information got me a 5% increase over my initial offer. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to increase their salary.–Brady, Operating Room Business Manager, Provo, UT

Joseph helped me negotiate a $12,000 raise. I knew I was underpaid but didn't know by how much or how best to approach my boss. Joseph provided me with some great data and graphs, and crafted my raise proposal. It is wonderful to have someone guiding you through the process. Highly recommend! –Meredith, Executive Assistant, Washington, DC

I called Joseph around 7pm one evening needing some compelling information and strategy advice for my salary negotiation the next morning -- and even though he was on vacation at the time, and he really delivered! In a few hours he called me back and we walked through the information and strategy I could use the next day. I negotiated a $12,000 raise with options for $18,000 more if certain goals were met. Thank you so much!!–Logan, Director of Recruitment, Portland, OR